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The Lithuanian Embassy in Pretoria has resumed appointments for Passport / ID cards

Created: 2020.09.29 / Updated: 2020.10.16 17:37
    The Lithuanian Embassy in Pretoria has resumed appointments for Passport / ID cards

    The Consular section of the Lithuanian Embassy in Pretoria has resumed the acceptance of applications for the issuance of a Lithuanian passport / Identity card.

    The October and the November calendars are already fully booked. Therefore, the attempt to book an appointment during those calendar months may result an automatic reply with an “Error message”.

    The December calendar will be open for registration on Friday, 13 November, at 9:00 AM.

    The number of visitors per calendar month is limited. The self-registration for the appointment (-s) will take place on a first come-first served principle, until the calendar is fully booked.

    The self-registration process is explained on the embassy's website

    The requirements for issuing a passport and / or an Identity card are available on

    The online calendar for visit registration is available on

    Please select the following Visit type - "Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Republic of South Africa: Services for Lithuanian citizens only: passports/ID, civil registration, consular certificates and etc."

    This is the ONLY type of visit that must be chosen ! The other three visit types are for different purposes and should not be selected !

    Attention! It is necessary to select a date on the GREEN background during registration.

    If the date is on a RED background, it means that all visit time slots for that day are already taken.

    If the date is on a GREY background, it means that the calendar for that day was not / is not open.

    Every visitor must register individually. Visitors without registration will not be serviced.

    One registered visitor will be given 30 minutes to submit documents. 

    One of registered parents may bring one child under 12 years old along without the registration.

    In case you need to bring along the other kids under 12, you need to book another appointment (in a row, if possible).

    Children above 12 years old must have their own appointments.

    Visitors are kindly asked to arrive on time.

    For the period of the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa, the visitors' calendar for the following calendar month will be opened on the second Friday of the current calendar month, at 9:00 AM.

    Please note, that due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19, in order to avoid unexpected cancelations of the visits, the visitors calendar for the time being will only be opened for 1 (one) month ahead.

    The Embassy does not and will not accept applications for urgent issuance of a passport / ID card as there is no capacity to do so at this moment given a huge backlog of visits caused by months of suspension of the embassy's consular activities.

    Passports are produced in Lithuania and delivered to South Africa once a month only.

    It usually takes from 1.5 to 2 months to collect a passport / ID card from the day of submission of the documents to the Consular section.

    Upon the Embassy receiving the issued passport/ID card, the Embassy will inform each holder of the passport / ID by e-mail and provide a link to the registration calendar for the document’s collection.

    All visitors must wear protective mask upon their arrival to the Consular section's premisses. No protective mask, no entry! Hand disinfectant will be available at the entrance.


    World Health Organization (WHO)
    Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
    COVID-19 Free Website
    COVID-19 South African Online Resource & News Portal
    National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD, South Africa)
    National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS, South Africa) 
    COVID-19 Hotline Number (South Africa) 0800 029 999
    COVID-19 WhatsApp Number (South Africa) 0600 12 3456  

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