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Residence permit

Created: 2017.08.02 / Updated: 2021.09.29 10:52


Applications are accepted by appointment only.

Important to know

The application for the temporary residence permit can be submitted at Lithuanian Embassy or Consulate in the country of the residency of the applicant. If Lithuania does not have an Embassy or Consulate in the country of the residency, the application shall be submitted at any Lithuanian Embassy or Consulate.

A person who is lawfully staying in Lithuania may submit the application for the temporary residence permit to a Migration Service in the territory of which he intends to reside.

The lodging of an application does not entitle the alien to stay in Lithuania before the alien’s application has been examined and a decision on the issue has been taken.

The applications, submitted at Lithuanian Embassy or Consulate, are processed by the Migration Department in Lithuania.

The temporary residence permit may be issued, among others, to:

  • a person of Lithuanian descent

  • family member of Lithuanian citizen or resident of Lithuania

  • a person who intends to work in Lithuania (applied for work permit)

  • a person who intends to work in the employment requiring high professional qualifications

For full list of the categories, please contact the Migration Department directly.

The failure to meet one of the requirements will make the application inadmissible.

All documents, except passports, which are not issued in Lithuania, have to be legalized with the Apostille by the document issuing country. If the country, which issued the document, is not part of the Apostille Convention, the document has to be legalized by the Embassy of the issuing country in Pretoria.

The copies of Lithuanian documents, if the originals are not available, have to be notarized by a Lithuanian notary.  

All documents, except passports, have to be translated to Lithuanian.

Document requirements for a spouse or registered partner of Lithuanian citizen or a person who resides in Lithuania

  • Application form filled in Lithuanian or English in capital letters

  • Valid passport

  • Proof of legal status in South Africa (does not apply to SA citizens)

  • 1 recent photograph (40 x 60 mm)

  • Consular fee

  • Marriage certificate or registered partnership agreement

  • Proof of sufficient funds or income to reside in Lithuania

  • The document confirming the residential premises in Lithuania and the permission to declare the applicants residency at the premises

  • A statement of a competent authority of the applicant’s country of residence (not older than 4 months) that the applicant has (not) been convicted of a crime in that country. (If the alien has been convicted, the statement must indicate the date and the nature of a criminal act where for the alien was convicted, the sentence imposed on her/him and whether or not it has been served).

  • Document confirming that a person has a health insurance.

  • A list of his visits and stays in foreign states. This list must include all foreign states that the applicant visited and (or) lived in prior to the day of applying for a temporary residence permit. The list must also include the dates (years) of visits and (or) life in a foreign state. When the foreign national cannot specify the exact dates of visits or if there were several visits, approximate periods of visits must be specified

  • Lithuanian passport/ID card of a spouse/partner or

  • Permanent residence permit of a spouse/partner or

  • Temporary residence permit of a spouse/partner which is valid for no less than 1 year, the document, certifying that the spouse/partner has lived in Lithuania for the past two years, documents confirming reasonable prospect of the spouse/partner being granted the right to permanently live in Lithuania

It takes up to 4 months to process the application from the moment it is received at the Migration Department.