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Services and fees

Created: 2016.01.28 / Updated: 2021.11.11 16:21

For your and our safety reasons Lithuanian Embassy does not accept cash.

Consular fees have to be paid in South African Rand and through South African payment card only (American Express, Diners end etc. cards are not accepted).

The EUR / ZAR exchange rate is reviewed on the first work day of each calendar month and applied for that calendar month. It is based on the EUR / ZAR rate established by the European Central Bank on that day.

This is the abridged list of consular services and fees. Please find unabridged list of consular services and fees on the Register of Legal Acts of the Republic of Lithuania

Reinstatement of citizenship 100 EUR

Passport 100 EUR*/**
ID card 100 EUR*/**
Request of a document 20 EUR**
Emergency travel document 25 EUR**

Schengen Visa, applies to persons over 12 years old

80 EUR***

Schengen Visa, applies to persons over 6 and under 12 years old

40 EUR***
National Visa (D) 120 EUR
Visa for citizens of non-EU countries which have concluded visa facilitation agreements 35 EUR
Application for residency 100 EUR
Consular certificate 30 EUR
Legalization of a document

20 EUR**

Apostille (per Lithuanian document) 20 EUR**
Notarization of a Power of Attorney 50 EUR**
Preparation and notarization of a Power of Attorney 100 EUR**


*For applicants under 18 years old and applicants of Lithuanian retirement age the fee is reduced 50%, but only for one document, i.e. passport or ID card.

**Citizen services.
***The fee is waived for children under 6 and family members of EU/EEA citizens.