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Services and fees

Created: 2016.01.28 / Updated: 2020.10.09 09:38

For your and our safety reasons Lithuanian Embassy does not accept cash. Consular fee has to be paid in South African Rand and through South African payment card.

The EUR / ZAR exchange rate is reviewed on the first work day of each calendar month and applied for that calendar month. It is based on the EUR / ZAR rate established by the European Central Bank.

This is not full list of consular services, fees and exemptions:

  • Reinstatement of citizenship 50 EUR
  • Passport 100 EUR*/**
  • ID card 100 EUR*/**
  • Request of a document 20 EUR**
  • Emergency travel document 5 EUR**
  • Schengen Visa 80 EUR, applies to persons over 12 (valid from 02-02-2020)
  • Schengen Visa 40 EUR, applies to persons over 6 and under 12 (valid from 02-02-2020)
  • National Visa (D) 120 EUR (valid from 02-02-2020)
  • Visa for citizens of non-EU countries which have concluded visa facilitation agreements 35 EUR
  • Application for residency 100 EUR
  • Consular certificate 30 EUR
  • Legalisation of a document 20 EUR**
  • Apostille (per Lithuanian document) 20 EUR**
  • Power of attorney 30EUR**
  • Drafting of power of attorney 50 EUR**


*For children under 18 and people of Lithuanian retirement age the fee is reduced 50%, but only for passport or ID card.
**Citizen services.
***The fee is waived for children under 12 and family members of EU/EEA citizens.

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