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Created: 2018.05.22 / Updated: 2022.01.27 13:42

What you need to know when booking your appointment for a Lithuanian passport or Identity card?

The self-registration for the appointment is based on “first come-first served” principle, until the calendar is fully booked.


To complete a mandatory self-registration process, please log on to the online registration website in advance.

Steps you need to take:

1) select "Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Republic of South Africa.

2) Press “I will come in person”.

3) Press “Issuance or Replacement of the Passport of the Republic of Lithuania” (Note! This type of the service is for Lithuanian citizens only!)

4) Select the date and time available.

This is the ONLY type of visit to be selected! The other type of visit “COLLECTION OF DOCUMENTS” is for different purposes and should not be selected!

In case the date appears in RED, it means that all the visit time slots for that day have already been reserved or the calendar for that day has not yet been open.

Every visitor must register INDIVIDUALLY. Visitors without registration will not be serviced.

One registered visitor will be given 20 minutes to submit documents. 

CHILDREN: One of registered parents may bring only one child under 12 years old without registration for 30 min appointment ONLY. In case you need to bring along more than one child under 12, you need to book another appointment in a row, if possible. Children above 12 years old must have their own appointments. If your child is under 2 years old, please contact us.

If you have not received the visit confirmation email, it means that you have no appointment. Book a new available date then.

Please, make sure to arrive for your appointment on time and with a valid passport.

REQUIREMENTS for issuing a passport and / or an Identity card are available on

FEES passport / ID fees are listed on

How long does it take to receive your passport?

It might take from 1.5 up to 2 months to collect a passport / ID card from the day of submission of the documents to the Consular section. Passports are produced in Lithuania and delivered to South Africa once a month only.

COLLECTION of passport or ID card

Upon receipt of a printed passport / ID card, the Embassy will inform each holder of the passport / ID by e-mail and provide a link to the registration calendar for the document’s collection. Authorization forms (both of them) must be filled if:

  • Passport/ID card is collected by the courier
  • Passport/ID is collected by personal representative
  • Passport/ID is collected for a 16 years and above – authorizations are filled by the passport holder, not the parent.
  • Appointment for collection must be booked for courier. The courier can collect on the appointment day between 2 pm to 4 pm.

Appointment for collection must be booked for a courier. The courier can collect on the appointment day between 2 pm to 4 pm.

COVID-19 protocols must be followed at all times during your visit.

All visitors must wear a protective mask upon their arrival to the Consular section's premises. No protective mask, no entry! Hand disinfectant will be available at the entrance.